Kai'li White


Kai'li White Overview

Kai'li White explores new depths of power and performance in a low launch, low spin driver shaft. Built for where golf is going, Kai'li White was designed to keep torque low under the demands of today's high-velocity swings. Extremely strong MR70 material is used to reinforce the tip to promote consistent center face contact and tighter dispersion. Additionally, a taper butt design -- the first in a Mitsubishi Chemical low launch profile -- helps the shaft feel like a typical Blue profile, but still perform like a White profile. Kai'li White is capped off with the use of Super Low Resin Content Prepreg in the torque core of the shaft to produce a smooth, responsive feel in the hands you wouldn't typically expect from a low launch, low spin shaft.

Key Features Include:
- Firm tip section for more consistent center face contact
- Taper butt design in handle to create Blue feel with White performance
- MR70 for strength
- SLRC Prepreg in torque core for super smooth feel

Who should play it? Golfers who love how traditional Blue profiles feel but need the performance of traditional White profiles should try Kai'li White.

Spin/Launch Chart

Fit Guide

DRIVER MPH/YDS <80/210 81-90/210-239 91-105/240-259 >106/260
Kai’li™ White 60 R S X X/TX
Kai’li™ White 70 S X X/TX
Kai’li™ White 80 S X X/TX
IMPORTANT: For reference only. Mitsubishi Golf recommends being fit by a professional fitter.
Flight without Sacrificing Feel: Already a winner on tour, Kai’li White features an exclusive Super Low Resin Content Prepreg in the most consequential part of the golf shaft for feel: the torque core. This application allows for an increased volume of carbon fiber to help drive torque lower, increase stability, and provide greater frequency response to the golfer’s hands... even in a low launch shaft.

Kai'li White Specifications

Shaft Flex Length Weight/GMS Tip OD Tip Length Butt OD Torque Kick Point
Kai'li™ White 60 R 46 65 0.335 3 0.628 4.2 High
Kai'li™ White 60 S 46 68 0.335 3 0.630 4.1 High
Kai'li™ White 60 X 46 69 0.335 3 0.632 4.1 High
Kai'li™ White 60 TX 46 69 0.335 3 0.634 3.2 High
Kai'li™ White 70 S 46 75 0.335 3 0.636 3.8 High
Kai'li™ White 70 X 46 77 0.335 3 0.637 3.7 High
Kai'li™ White 70 TX 46 78 0.335 3 0.634 2.7 High
Kai'li™ White 80 S 46 84 0.335 3 0.641 3.3 High
Kai'li™ White 80 X 46 86 0.335 3 0.645 3.3 High
Kai'li™ White 80 TX 46 87 0.335 3 0.638 2.7 High

News & Reviews

Plugged In Golf - Kai'li™ White Review: Wed, Oct 27, 2021 — "What makes this shaft truly impressive is the way that it pairs that powerful feel with tremendous stability and control. If that sounds like a tempting combination, see your Mitsubishi fitter to give it a try."

"Developing Deep Power, an MLAB Case Study featuring Kai'li™": Sun, Aug 06, 2023 — Designed to keep torque low under the demands of today’s high-velocity swings, Kai’li White features an extremely strong MR70-reinforced tip to promote consistent center-face impact and tighter dispersion.