Upgrade Your Shaft

At Mitsubishi Golf we have two sections of our business. We produce large-scale, high volume shafts for our valued industry partners that you would find on racks in retail stores around the country. But we also produce high-end, aftermarket shafts for golfers looking to further fine-tune their games.

High volume shaft programs for industry partners are designed to be super versatile to work for large swaths of golfers. We produce super high-end aftermarket shafts to get into those nooks and crannies for golfers trying to eke out every possible shred of performance. OEM program shafts may not have all the technological bells and whistles that you'd see in our aftermarket shafts, but nothing leaves our facilities without being totally vetted to provide solid, consistent performance for the golfer.

If you're a golfer who buys stock off the rack and those work for you, great! If you're curious about how a premium aftermarket shaft may help, we've got you covered. In either case, we recommend starting with our online fit tool to help narrow the choices.