Research + Development

The research and development teams for Mitsubishi Golf stretch across the globe with engineers in Carlsbad, California and Toyohashi, Japan. Our teams work in tandem and have differing areas of expertise to bring global perspectives to golf shaft design.

One of the primary advantages of our R&D team is our relationship with our parent company Mitsubishi Chemical Group. MCG is a massive, multi-national company that creates industry-leading products in a vast amount of categories, including aerospace, pharmaceutical, advanced materials and more. Materials from MCG are used in all sorts of things -- from space exploration to commercial aviation. This gives us an incredible advantage because it's our teammates from different segments of the business developing materials for the problems they are working to solve that oftentimes can help us with our own. We have access to some of the most brilliant scientific minds from a myriad of different fields, all under the MCG umbrella.