How do I know which shaft is right for me?
A: Shafts use different material compositions and different construction techniques. They're all designed to do different things. Whenever possible, we recommend getting fit and trying a bunch of options to figure out what shaft is right for you. If that's not possible, we recommend you visit Our Brands page and learn more about the different brands we offer and then try our Online Fit Tool to start honing in on some options.

What's the difference between steel and graphite iron shafts?
A: Steel has been the most popular material used in iron shafts going back decades, but graphite iron shafts are quickly becoming more and more popular. Steel is a material that is inherently limited by its physical makeup. The only way to make steel stiffer is to add material and make it heavier. The only way to make steel softer is to remove material. Graphite iron shafts have nearly limitless design freedom because the materials used aren't limited by physical properties. We can go super strong and super light with graphite and we can even go soft and heavy if we wanted to! Aside from material differences, graphite iron shafts can do just about anything steel does -- and as an added bonus is usually a bit easier on the joints. They are certainly not just for slow swingers anymore.

Which Mitsubishi shaft brand should I try in my driver?
A: It depends what you're looking for! Check out Our Brands page. If you're looking for the best feel, try Diamana. Want to see how far tech can take your golf game? TENSEI it is. But we've got tons of options beyond those two.

Q: What's the difference between your OEM partner shafts and your aftermarket products?
A: We make shafts for high-volume OEM programs and also high-end super-premium aftermarket shafts. In most instances the shafts we design for and with our OEM partners are designed to work for a wide range of golfers. These OEM partner shafts may not include the exact same material and technological composition as our aftermarket shafts, but these products should never be immediately written off. Many of our OEM program shafts are used in professional tournaments around the world and perform very, very well. Every shaft we produce is thoroughly vetted to ensure consistent performance and durable construction. Our premium aftermarket shafts are there for those looking for every possible edge and seeking the highest possible performance.

Where can I try your products?
Mitsubishi Golf products are available all around the world at authorized dealers, in fitting studios, and big box sporting goods retailers. If you're looking to try something, check out our dealer locator to find your nearest location.