Who We Are

Mitsubishi Golf is part of the Sporting Goods Division of Mitsubishi Chemical America. Our Golf team is made up of avid golfers and everything we do is to help golfers shoot lower scores and have more fun. Our company makes raw materials — golf shafts are just one of the things we produce with the raw materials we make. We believe our golf shafts perform as well as they do because we are able to control just about all of the manufacturing process. This belief is borne out on global tours as well as Mitsubishi Chemical products have been used to win nearly 1000 professional golf tournaments worldwide since 2004.

The Mitsubishi Golf story started all the way back in 1974 when we first began manufacturing graphite golf shafts. The company steadily grew over the next 30 years, but really began to enter the golf lexicon in 2004 with the introduction of the 'Diamana' brand. Diamana launched with a revolutionary color-coded White, (low launch, low spin) Blue (mid launch, mid spin) and Red (high launch, high spin) system that allowed the golfer to easily understand what his shaft does, but to also swing the club faster than traditional steel shafts with no sacrifice in dispersion. These early Diamanas featured surfboards in the cosmetic and soon became known as 'Whiteboards,' 'Blueboards' and 'Redboards' — terms you still hear in golf today.

Diamana products quickly worked themselves into the bags of some of the greatest champions in golf history, driving unbelievable commercial success around the world. The trust earned by the Diamana label allows us to introduce brands like Fubuki and Kuro Kage, and later down the road TENSEI and VANQUISH.

To this day Mitsubishi Golf products are used by scores of the best professional golfers in the world and are among the most trusted brands at retail. This comes from our relentless commitment to material innovation and cutting-edge construction techniques. When we develop a new material or new technique, we bring it to the golfer. We are solely, wholly, maniacally focused on creating the best performing golf shafts in the game.