At Mitsubishi Golf, we're a materials company. Our ability to make raw materials allows us to be on the cutting edge of material innovation. Here are some of our notable technologies and how they help make you a better player.
Consistent Feel Design: Consistent Feel Design minimizes variance in butt OD, weight and balance point between all weights and flexes, making fitting a seamless experience.
Xlink Tech Resin System: Our proprietary Xlink Tech Resin System allows us to drive down resin content and drive up carbon fiber volume to improve feel without minimizing the strength and durability of the shaft.
MR70: MR70 is our flagship carbon fiber that we designed and developed in house that is 20% stronger and has 10% higher modulus than conventional materials to improve overall strength of our shafts.
Boron: Boron is an extremely strong material equivalent in stiffness to high modulus carbon fiber with superior compression strength. It is often used for structural reinforcement
1K Carbon Fiber: Used in our TENSEI 1K Series, 1K carbon fiber is a super-premium material that produces a tighter, more consistent weave for better performance on course and better feel throughout the swing.
Super Low Resin Content Prepreg: S.L.R.C. Prepreg allows us to drop resin content in shafts extremely low -- at times lower than 20% -- to allow for a higher volume of carbon fiber in the shaft's construction to drastically improve feel.
TiNi Wire: Titanium Nickel (TiNi) Wire Technology is a memory metal used to prevent shaft deformation and ovalization throughout the swing for increased shaft stability.
Precision Crafted Design: Precision Crafted Design is an indication that the shaft maintains the tightest possible tolerances in weight (+/- 1 gram) and frequency (+/- 1 cpm) to deliver supreme consistency.
Metal Mesh Technology: Metal mesh made from individually braided strands of stainless steel is integrated into the shaft's prepreg layers towards the tip section to improve stability.
Braided Carbon Technology: A super-premium construction technique that braids individual strands of carbon together instead of traditional sheet-wrapping construction for maximum consistency in performance.