At Mitsubishi Golf, we understand golfers don't all fit in a neat little box. We believe golfers have the best chance at finding the right product for their swings if they have a few different options to choose from. However, if we're going to maintain multiple brands, it's on us to make it simple to understand what works best for which golfer. We operate a handful of core brands, with a few smaller ones for those that find themselves in a smaller, specific niche.

Our flagship brand since 2004 and the most winningest graphite driver shaft in the history of professional golf. Everything to do with Diamana is about creating the best-feeling golf shaft imaginable. If you're looking for smooth, pleasing, repetitive feel, Diamana is for you.
Loosely translated from the Japanese term for 'transformation,' TENSEI is all about advancing shaft performance through technological, material and structural innovation. If you're looking for cutting-edge material for the best possible performance, try TENSEI.
Lightweight, premium performance. If you find yourself losing a bit of speed or curious about the benefits of going lightweight, VANQUISH could be your ticket to unlocking a bit more ball speed.
Built for where golf is going. The modern-day golfer is more athletic than ever before. Kai'li was built to stand up to those chasing more speed.
An aftermarket fitter exclusive, C6 products bring tour-level technology at an attainable price point. Built for those looking for an upgrade without breaking the bank.
Our workhorse, graphite iron shaft brand. Built for golfers of all skill levels with SKUs ranging from 55 grams to 125 grams in parallel or taper, MMT brings consistent iron performance to all. Still think graphite iron shafts are just for slow swingers or people with joint pain? MMT will make you think again.
Originally launched in 2013, Kuro Kage – ‘black shadow’ in Japanese – reached unbelievable heights on professional tours worldwide and at local golf courses around the globe. Kuro Kage was our first brand to use our Titanium Nickel (TiNi) Wire Technology which became famous for how much it would spark when cutting through the material. Kuro Kage was responsible for more than 50 worldwide wins on major professional tours, including 4 majors.
Fubuki burst onto the scene in 2011 featuring an aggressive cosmetic you wouldn’t normally associate with Mitsubishi Golf products. It was immediately trusted in the hands of professional golfers everywhere and was used to win more than 35 times on major tours. Fubuki was famous for its willingness to push technological boundaries – a mantle now carried by our famous TENSEI brand.
Bassara was a brand that contributed to our reputation as one of the best manufacturers of premium, lightweight golf shafts in the world. Bassara was built for those looking to pick up speed and employed several technologies that allowed the shaft to remain stable even at light weights. Bassara led to the development of GRAND BASSARA, our revolutionary 29 and 39 gram shafts that we still produce today. Bassara has since been replaced by our VANQUISH brand.