Developing Deep Power, an MLAB Case Study featuring Kai'li

Designed to keep torque low under the demands of today’s high-velocity swings, Kai’li White features an extremely strong MR70-reinforced tip to promote consistent center-face impact and tighter dispersion.
"Enhancing Lightweight Performance with VSPEED Technology Stack, an MLAB Case Study featuring VANQUISH™" Reading "Developing Deep Power, an MLAB Case Study featuring Kai'li™" 1 minute
Consistent Center-Face Club Face Strike: It all starts with a shaft that can deliver consistent center-face club face strikes, despite the incredible amount of force and load applied to the shaft by today’s more athletic golfer.

Lower Relative Spin Deviation: Overall lower relative spin deviation represents a more consistently performing shaft. Spin measured across 10 consecutive swings, listed above as relative spin.

Performance Snapshot: Kai'li White vs. Competitor Shaft. Kai'li delivers tighter dispersion at 250+ yards.