TENSEI AV Series White


TENSEI AV Series White Overview

The TENSEI AV Series White builds upon the success of its TENSEI AV RAW White predecessor. Incorporating Mitsubishi’s proprietary Xlink Tech Resin System into its construction, our engineers are able to drastically increase carbon fiber volume to improve feel while also increasing the overall strength of the shaft. It also features our widely known Aluminum Vapor in the handle section to provide added stability and improved power transfer. Built with a strengthened tip to promote a lower, more penetrating trajectory and low spin.

Key Features Include:
- Xlink Tech Resin System to drastically improve feel and increase strength
- Aluminum Vapor in handle for stability
- Piercing low launch, low spin performance

Who should play it? TENSEI AV Series White is perfect for those who loved AV RAW White who would benefit from the new materials and technologies used in AV Series White.

Spin/Launch Chart

Fit Guide

DRIVER MPH/YDS <80/210 81-90/210-239 91-105/240-259 >106/260
TENSEI™ AV White 65 S/X X
TENSEI™ AV White 75 S/X X
TENSEI™ AV White 85 S/X X
IMPORTANT: For reference only. Mitsubishi Golf recommends being fit by a professional fitter.

TENSEI AV Series White Specifications

Shaft Flex Length Weight/GMS Tip OD Tip Length Butt OD Torque Kick Point
TENSEI™ AV Series White 65 S 46 68 0.335 3 0.598 3.5 HIGH
TENSEI™ AV Series White 65 X 46 69 0.335 3 0.602 3.4 HIGH
TENSEI™ AV Series White 75 S 46 78 0.335 3 0.610 3.2 HIGH
TENSEI™ AV Series White 75 X 46 79 0.335 3 0.612 3.1 HIGH
TENSEI™ AV Series White 85 S 46 88 0.335 3 0.616 3.1 HIGH
TENSEI™ AV Series White 85 X 46 89 0.335 3 0.618 3 HIGH

TENSEI AV Series White Tip Trim Information

Driver 3 Wood 5 Wood 7 Wood 9 Wood
0" 0.5" 0.75" 1.0" 1.0"