MMT Utility Irons

MMT Utility Irons Overview

MMT Utility Iron shafts were designed to optimize the performance of today's utility iron heads. As golfers increasing turn to utility irons as weapons off the tee or for steep descent angles into par five greens, we needed to make a shaft versatile enough to do both. MMT Utility irons use our Metal Mesh Technology to improve feel and responsiveness to provide the golfer with more consistent launch and spin and the versatility to hit it high or low or left or right.

Who should play it? Players looking to optimize the performance of their driving iron or utility iron with an innovative, taper tip design to maximize versatility and playability.

MMT Utility Irons Specifications

Shaft Flex Length Weight/GMS Tip OD Tip Length Butt OD Torque Kick Point
MMT™ Utility Iron 105 S 40" 106 0.355 NA 0.598 2.9 MID
MMT™ Utility Iron 105 TX 40" 113 0.355 NA 0.606 2.9 MID/HIGH
MMT™ Utility Iron 125 TX 40" 125 0.355 NA 0.608 2.9 MID/HIGH