Grand Bassara Fairway

Grand Bassara Fairway Overview

Built to complement GRAND BASSARA Wood shafts, GRAND BASSARA Fairway Wood shafts bring ultra-lightweight performance into the other woods in your bags. Lighter weight helps you swing it faster and launch it higher to help you hit it further and land it softer.

Key Features Include:
- Ultra-lightweight for more club head speed and ball speed
- MR70 for added strength
- Ion plating for super-premium look

Who should play it? Anyone who enjoys the performance of GRAND BASSARA in their driver should try it in their fairway woods.

Grand Bassara Fairway Specifications

Shaft Flex Length Weight/GMS Tip OD Tip Length Butt OD Torque Kick Point
GRAND BASSARA™ Fairway f39 L 43 41 0.335 3 6.8 MID-LOW
GRAND BASSARA™ Fairway f49 L 43 46 0.335 3 4.7 MID-LOW
GRAND BASSARA™ Fairway f49 R 43 48 0.335 3 4.7 MID-LOW

Grand Bassara Fairway Tip Trim Information

3 Wood 5 Wood 7 Wood 9 Wood
0.0" 0.5" 0.75" 1.0"