Diamana D+Limited


Diamana D+Limited Overview

A piercing profile. Designed to deliver premium, low launch, low spin performance, Diamana D+ Limited boasts a collection of important technologies to bring you a penetrating ball flight without compromising the vintage smooth feel you've come to expect from Diamana profiles. D+ Limited incorporates our own DIALEAD Pitch Fiber into the butt section of the shaft to deliver maximum stability and increase energy transfer to the golf ball. The tip section is further fortified with our Multi-Dimensional Interlay (MDI) and Tough-QURE Resin System to create consistency where you need it most.

Key Features Include:
- DIALEAD Pitch Fiber for outstanding strength and increased energy transfer
- Multi-Dimensional Interlay to allow us to layer carbon fiber in different directions along the shaft to create very specific bend and torsion characteristics
- Tough-QURE Resin System for superior strength and stability

Who should play it? Golfers in search of a true low launch, low spin profile that spares no technological advancement and still feels great should try Diamana D+ Limited.

Spin/Launch Chart

Fit Guide

DRIVER MPH/YDS <80/210 81-90/210-239 91-105/240-259 >106/260
Diamana™ D+ LTD 60 S TX
Diamana™ D+ LTD 70 S TX
Diamana™ D+ LTD 80 TX
Diamana™ D+ LTD 90 TX
IMPORTANT: For reference only. Mitsubishi Golf recommends being fit by a professional fitter.

Diamana D+Limited Specifications

Shaft Flex Length Weight/GMS Tip OD Tip Length Butt OD Torque Kick Point
Diamana™ D+ Limited Edition 60 S 46 61 0.335 3 0.602 3.5 MID/HIGH
Diamana™ D+ Limited Edition 60 TX 46 66 0.335 3 0.610 3.1 MID/HIGH
Diamana™ D+ Limited Edition 70 S 46 70 0.335 3 0.602 3.2 HIGH
Diamana™ D+ Limited Edition 70 TX 46 76 0.335 3 0.608 2.7 HIGH
Diamana™ D+ Limited Edition 80 TX 46 87 0.335 3 0.614 2.6 HIGH
Diamana™ D+ Limited Edition 90 TX 46 93 0.335 3 0.602 2.5 HIGH

Diamana D+Limited Tip Trim Information

Driver 3 Wood 5 Wood 7 Wood 9 Wood
0" 0.5" 0.75" 1.0" 1.0"