Mitsubishi Golf Unveils Diamana™ Museum on Website

Mitsubishi Golf Unveils Diamana Museum on Website

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Iconic Diamana Brand Celebrates 20 Years

January 3, 2024 – TOKYO, Japan & Carlsbad, California – Mitsubishi Golf today unveiled a digital museum celebrating 20 Years of Diamana on their website, The museum is a virtual walk through the first 20 years of Diamana’s existence as a brand.

Mitsubishi first unveiled a shaft branded ‘Diamana’ during the Hawaiian swing on the PGA Tour in 2004. Golfers quickly became enamored with Diamana S-Series and it wasn’t long before they began referring to the product as simply ‘Blueboard,’ a reference to the blue-colored surfboard in the shaft’s cosmetic. The mid-launch, mid-spin ‘Blueboard’ shaft became incredibly popular to the point we eventually introduced a low-launch, low-spin ‘Whiteboard,’ and a high-launch, high-spin ‘Redboard.’” The terms Blueboard, Whiteboard and Redboard grew so popular that they simply became part of golf’s lexicon and the color-coded launch and spin convention became an industry standard emulated by many shaft manufacturers.

“Diamana is the foundation on which Mitsubishi Golf is built. To this day some people still ask me if I work for ‘Diamana.’ To celebrate 20 years of Diamana in the year 2024 is surreal and there is so much more still to explore. We could not be more excited about what the next 20 years have in store,” said Mark Gunther, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing.

For 20 years golfers have enjoyed the iconic, smooth feel and incredible consistency of Diamana products. After two decades, more than 300 wins on global tours and 38 major championships, the brand is as strong as it has ever been.

Golfers are encouraged to visit the museum on our new website to experience beautiful photography dating back to 2004. Each generation of Diamana shafts has been photographed and stories of their origins have been written and explained. Golfers will remember their favorite Diamana structures over the course of the brand’s 20 year history and learn even more about the shaft that set the standard.

The newest member of the Diamana family will be unveiled January 23, 2024.