The Shaft that Set the Standard

Celebrating 20 Years of Diamana. We didn't know it at the time, but in 2004, the golf equipment world changed forever with the introduction of a new shaft brand called 'Diamana.' Developed in Japan, the first Diamana shafts featured the now iconic flowers and surfboard, a respectful homage to the Hawaiian islands and the basis, today, of every 'board' profile descriptor in the golf shaft industry. And while those wholly unique and unmistakable cosmetics may have turned a few heads, it was the unparalleled performance of these blue, white, and red board shafts that fueled adoption on tour and began the unmatched win count.

"Place in history? The influence of Diamana's red, blue, white profiles can't be overstated. It's copied by literally everyone, and it's the reference for every golfer."
- Matt Saternus, Plugged In Golf

The Performance

Setting the Standard. The very first blue (mid launch), white (low launch), and red (high launch)  Diamana shafts used three distinct EI curves and three distinct kick point locations. That allowed golfers to achieve different launch and spin conditions without deviating much from what would become known as the classic Diamana feel. First Generation Diamana products established this color-coded system. From 2004 on, every white Mitsubishi shaft would be low launch, every blue shaft would be mid launch and every red shaft would be high launch. This color-coordinated system is still practiced by Mitsubishi today and has since been emulated by nearly every other shaft manufacturer.

The History

Generation after Generation. The first Generation Diamana profiles hit the market in 2004 and each subsequent generation – and the array of specialty shafts that bridged each – was built on the performance characteristics and the material development of the prior generation. Now in its fifth generation – and on the precipice of a pending sixth – each Diamana is built with our proprietary Xlink Tech Resin System – increasing carbon fiber volume and driving down resin content – and the leading-edge Consistent Feel Design to help make fitting a seamless experience.

Welcome to the Diamana Museum

The Legacy

It's been a busy two decades for Diamana on the game's biggest stages. 325 wins, 38 majors, 20 years. The first win for a Diamana driver shaft? That would be July 1st, 2004 on the European Tour in Ireland. The winner? A South African stalwart coming off a US Open title just two weeks earlier. The next win? Three months later in Sevilla, Spain by a swashbuckling young Spaniard. The first major? A famous victory in Augusta, Georgia in the spring of 2005.

The Future

The barrage of majors hasn’t stopped. Diamana notched two majors in 2022 and two more in 2023. To this day, five of the top 20 male players in the world use Diamana. Still today golfers refer to low launch shafts from any and all manufacturers as 'white boards' and mid launch shafts as 'blue boards.' Our color convention in original Diamana made shafts so much easier to understand for fitters and golfers globally that just about every other manufacturer had to mimic it. Diamana is the board. Diamana is the color convention. Diamana is the flowerbands. Diamana is the shaft that set the standard.

The Next Generation is Now

The board is back. After a few years away, the vintage surfboard always associated with Diamana makes its return with Diamana WB. New for 2024 and built on an extraordinarily popular and tour-proven platform, Diamana WB brings classic low-low performance and the legendary stability and control you’ve come to expect after two decades.