Diamana™ WB Review at Plugged In Golf

Diamana WB Review at Plugged In Golf

The Mitsubishi Diamana™ WB is a shaft worthy of the White Board name.  It has the low launching, low spinning performance that higher speed players love but with a feel that’s miles from stiff or boardy.  Visit your Mitsubishi fitter to check out the latest generation of Diamana™.
The phrase that I kept putting into my testing notes is not one I typically associate with low/low shafts: “Fun to hit.” That’s particularly noteworthy considering it’s winter in Chicago, and my swing reflects that.

For my first few swings with the Mitsubishi Diamana™ WB, I was trying to focus on the feel. But that feel led my wandering eyes to my launch monitor which was showing a couple MPH boost over my TENSEI™ 1K White. More speed – with a fast feel – is definitely a big part of the fun. Read full review here.