Mitsubishi Golf Unveils TENSEI 1K Pro Blue

Mitsubishi Golf Unveils TENSEI 1K Pro Blue

Mitsubishi Golf announced the release of the much-anticipated TENSEI™ 1K Pro Blue, the latest extension of the renowned TENSEI™ 1K Pro line.
May 16, 2023 – ROCHESTER, New York – Mitsubishi Chemical Group today announced the release of the much-anticipated TENSEI™ 1K Pro Blue, the latest extension of the renowned TENSEI™ 1K Pro line. Keeping with the color-coordinated formula that MCG popularized nearly two decades ago, TENSEI™ 1K Pro Blue is a mid-launch, mid-spin profile that will launch and spin more than its low-launch, low-spin 1K Pro White sibling and feel different than its counterbalanced 1K Pro Orange sibling.

TENSEI™ 1K Pro Blue was first seeded on professional tours in November of 2022 and enjoyed immediate success. Four different players put it in play in Houston, its very first week on tour. Additionally, TENSEI™ 1K Pro Blue was already used to notch a victory in Tampa, Florida, providing tour validation even before its retail launch. The top players in the world immediately raved about its ball speed gains and improved dispersion.

“Anticipation for TENSEI™ 1K Pro Blue has been building for a while now,” said Mark Gunther, Senior Director Sales & Marketing. “TENSEI™ 1K Pro White laid such a nice foundation for the family and 1K Pro Orange provided that great counterbalanced option, but there’s just nothing like a Blue profile to fit the largest swath of golfers out there. TENSEI™ 1K Pro Blue carries that mid-mid mantle as good or better than any Blue we’ve ever done.”

TENSEI™ products relentlessly pursue improved performance through innovative construction and advanced materials and is MCG’s only brand that includes the name of the technologies used in the shafts themselves. TENSEI™ 1K (1K carbon fiber) Pro Blue builds on lessons learned from its predecessors CK (Carbon Kevlar) Pro Blue and AV (Aluminum Vapor) RAW Blue. The usage of 1K carbon fiber is a commitment to using the most premium materials available to enhance stability and bring the most consistent possible performance to golfers everywhere. Players can expect the same pleasing, smooth feel in TENSEI™ 1K Pro Blue they saw elsewhere in the 1K Pro line.

Material innovation is everywhere in TENSEI™ 1K Pro Blue. Aside from super-premium 1K carbon fiber, the shaft features our Xlink Tech™ Resin System – a revolutionary multi-phase interlinked resin that drives the amount of carbon fiber volume up for better overall feel while actually increasing the shaft’s overall strength, a feat that was not possible at the launch of AV RAW Blue. Feel is even further improved through the use of low resin content prepreg.

But it isn’t all feel with TENSEI™ 1K Pro Blue. The top players in the world have consistently reported more ball speed and improved control, attributable to an enhanced stiffness profile that controls the curvature of the shaft during the swing to maximize head speed.

TENSEI™ 1K Pro Blue will be available at retail June 2023 with a suggested retail price of $500.