Getting to Know: Mitsubishi Chemical America

Getting to Know: Mitsubishi Chemical America

From MyGolfSpy: "Winning the shaft count on any professional tour is a big deal. Not only does Tour usage help validate performance but, unlike other pieces of equipment, golfers aren’t paid to play a certain brand or model. It’s also a battleground where logic and common sense don’t always win out.

That aside, Mitsubishi has plenty of data to suggest it’s trending in a positive direction. Here are a couple data nuggets for your consumption:

[Mitsubishi Golf] has increased driver shafts in play in 85 percent of PGA TOUR events this year.

[Mitsubishi Golf]  has the most wins on the PGA TOUR this year (18). *This includes Mitsubishi and Aldila brand shafts through The Open Championship.

The TENSEI™ 1K product had 49 total driver shafts in play during the 2021-22 season. For 2022-23, that number escalated to 451 (a more than 700-percent increase)."

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