Plugged In Golf Reviews Diamana™ Putter Shaft

Plugged In Golf Reviews Diamana Putter Shaft

As with most high quality graphite putter shafts, the tech story behind the Mitsubishi Diamana Putter shaft centers on low torque. Per Mitsubishi, the 6k woven carbon lowers the torque of the shaft which helps it to deliver the putter head more consistently and perform better on mishits.
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From Plugged In Golf: "To me, the bigger story with Diamana Putter is the fitting options. If you’ve never experimented with putter shaft weight, I’d implore you to do so [Golf Myths Unplugged took on putter shaft weight HERE]. The weight difference between the P105 and P135 is immediately obvious, and it had a major impact on my putting. With the P105, I felt freer, especially on long putts. The putter swung more easily..."

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