Why Does Xlink Tech Matter to Performance?

We’re often asked about our Xlink Tech™ Resin System seen in the TENSEI™ 1K and Diamana™ families. It’s a really cool breakthrough and here is why: The key to making a really pleasing-feeling golf shaft is incorporating as much carbon fiber into the shaft as possible and reducing the amount of resin. The issue with going super low resin and super high carbon volume is the shaft becomes really brittle and we need shafts to be durable. Generally a good carbon-to-resin ratio is 70:30.

The cool thing about Xlink Tech™ is it drives down resin content and drives up carbon fiber content to make the shaft feel really good -- but the way the epoxy and non-epoxy components of the shaft cross-link (Xlink!) actually increases the strength of the shaft. So when you see Xlink Tech™, know that the product will feel better due to higher carbon fiber volume, but also trust that the product will be stronger and hold up to any stresses. For a long time this wasn't possible, but we've got some smart engineers in Japan.